October 1st, 2016

 Compagnie Theater Amsterdam





Acasha : the universal soul, the matrix of the universe, space, astral light, and mysterious power.

What does it mean to be a band in the year 2016? Well, as far as Acasha's concerned, a band is a multimedia collective, multidisciplinary and beyond genres, with music as its starting point, and energy and creativity as its driving forces.

The basis of Acasha was formed when vocalist, songwriter, and pianist Kat ten Dam and producer Max Gramser started working together on some of Kat's groovy, soulful pop tracks, which Max infused with a juicy, modern sound. During his conservatory studies (Musician 3.0) at the HKU (Hogeschool  voor de Kunsten Utrecht, the Netherlands) he learned to escape from, and rise above, traditional styles and instruments. Integrating different art disciplines is in his blood, it's what challenges him. It is therefore no surprise that the collective was joined by very diverse creative minds from different disciplines.

In addition to Kat and Max, there is producer Bas van Bemmelen on guitar, visual software programmer Smitzy (Marcel Smit), who designs the software for the live shows, art director Cesium (Cesi Nolten) for the visual art and show concept, and choreographer / dancer Bo van Zeventer and dancer Sherise Strang for the modern dance during the performances.

The seven creative souls inspire each other, juggle ideas back and forth and pull each other up. They raise each other's talents to a higher level and create new energy. They find each other in Acasha, which has developed into a modern band that embraces a hybrid of music, visual art and dance to transcend familiar expectations and well-trodden paths. There are no limits to Acasha's content or form. Acasha never is, Acasha never was. Acasha always will be in the process of becoming.

The ancient Sanskrit word Acasha means 'space'. Space, a universal soul, the matrix of the universe. Within the collective, the word stands for the vibrant space in which the inspiration, creativity, and energy of seven authentic personalities come together. Each blessed with her or his own expertise and style, they strengthen each other's creativity. Trust and an open mind are needed to get in touch with the collective consciousness and induce a process that generates inspiration, mixes styles, leaves genres and creates new genres of its own.

The results are exciting and unique, as proven by the five track EP Healer. Healer is the first sign of life from a collective that wishes to free the world from its boundaries and make way for more creative space. Music in the year 2016, however, is more than sound alone. Video, visuals, dance, light design; live shows are an experience, an exchange of energy in the form of a spiritual, innovative story where each of the various art disciplines has its own task. Acasha demonstrates that an electro-pop show can indeed be an art performance.

„ I would like to pass on Acasha’s spirituality to the audience. If you open your mind to the spiritual process, you will more easily be in touch with the collective consciousness and you will be more receptive to new ideas,” Kat explains. „ It’s a constant flow of inspiration we’d like to share with the audience. Together we can enhance the space in our consciousness, free our minds, let go of limitations and fully develop our own potential. “

''I think our show has a unique impact,'' Max adds, ''because of all these different art forms coming together. After seeing our show, we would like for the audience to wonder what exactly it is that they have seen.''

Acasha is ready to create their own space in the Dutch music scene. Which space are you aiming for?


ACASHA - HEALER  out now !  


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